Tips please!

Amid filling in endless visa forms and arranging to have my soon-to-be-former flat’s carpet deep cleaned (no one tells you about the glamour of arranging to go travelling), it’s really high time I began sorting out just what I’m going to see and do when we leave for Japan, China and South East Asia next month. I’ve thumbed my Lonely Planet guides to near destruction, but my quest to find events and places off the radar is ongoing.

Which is where this blog steps in. I’m looking for tips. Loads of them. Anything from the best bars to hit in Osaka, whether taking endless snaps of snow monkeys in Nagano is worthwhile, the most insane places to eat in Hong Kong and what parts of the Great Wall of China we should avoid at all costs.

If you’ve got any ideas, please drop them in the comments section below, stick them on my Facebook timeline, or hit me up on Twitter @joeminihane.


2 thoughts on “Tips please!

  1. Victoria says:

    Ok here it goes….the bird market in Hong kong is amazing as are the Mid Level Escalators – they remind me of Blade Runner. The whole of Hong kong is like blade runner. The giant buddha on the island is cool but quite cheesy so skip if giant golden buddhas with Starbucks at the bottom are not your kind of thing.

    Cambodia and Laos are amazing – are you going there? They really were the best part of my SE Asia trip – amazing people, temples, food, countryside.

    Please don’t tell e you are going to Burma. I missed that as issues getting in when i was travelling but now open up I think that would be a real treat.

    Ooo I want to go again!


  2. joeminihane says:

    Wow, thanks Vic, that’s all really helpfil

    Burma is looking seriously tempting. Been reading loads about it lately and what with the changes there, it seems like it could be a safe bet.

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